May you always be happy

And I mean it. Even if it hurts me, I want you to be happy. I want you to find someone that will be able to offer you things I was unable to give. Someone better than me, who will truly complete you.After all the moments we had together. But who am I to keep you away from the love of your life?

You know I might not be the most perfect person in the world. But as much as imperfect I was, I loved you. With all the mistakes I did. With all the words I said to you.  Real love is when you give anything you have to the other person.  And expect nothing back.You gave me nothing, but tears. While I gave you everything I had. I loved you with all my heart. Every blood cell. Every thought. Maybe you did not deserved it. Who knows? Time will tell, if you deserved me or someone better. Or someone worse?

This is why I am hoping she will be better. I want her to be proud to have such a man by her side. At the end of the day, you are someone worth having. Is the heart that makes you an ugly person. Maybe, she will be able to melt it. When she sleeps by your side, I hope you tell her stories. Yes, I mean those fairytales you used to tell me, about our future. About how we were going to conquer the world together. It was supposed to be us against the world, wasn’t it?

May you be happy, without me, if you were not able to keep  me happy. May you find peace when the nightmares wake you up in the middle of the night. In your darkest  moments when you will  feel my fragrance in a crowd of people. May you remember what you promised me, that you will become a better person, fighting for your dreams.

Because I will be happy. I will take care of myself. This is because you did not break me. You just build up a stronger person. A stronger version of me.That has learned the lesson of not needing a man. Of not having to explain herself if she simply wants to be happy.


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