You raised me up.

After being hurt, one day, I allowed someone to explore my heart again. It was not easy.Not at all. I warned him that my wounds were not healed. But he took the risk. He showed me the meaning of life. The sense of being taken care of, the sense of being at home. He knew how to appreciate and respect a woman, and this is what made me feel guarded around him.

There are men that know how to treat a woman, without having any expectations from her. There are men that are able to offer you answers, without you asking anything. There are men that would do anything for a woman, regardless how hard that may be. He is the one that offers all this without finding it difficult. Because he knows it is worth it.  Because when there is love, anything is possible.He raised me to the stars, just to prove me I was one of them. And this is why I stayed.

He believed in me, when it was hard for me to believe in myself. I might not be one of the easiest persons to live with. I know how annoying I am in the morning, when it takes him more than twenty minutes to get me out of that bed. I know how  messy I am, and how he has to ask me hundred times to have things done.  I believe it is hard to be around me when I am having an attitude, or random moods, out of nowhere.But this is who I am, and I am grateful he is still here. By my side, no matter what. Teaching me how to be more patient, more kind, more organised, more lovable.  Because this is what love is about.Making sacrifices. Caring for each other. Completing each other. Respecting each other. You raised me up. And for that, I thank you.






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