Letter to my broken-hearted sister


You are not just a girl. You are more than that. You deserve to be respected, loved. Only a man can offer you this things. Not a boy. You deserve the very best. And if he is not able to be there when you need him. If he does  not make time. Then, he is not the one. They say everyone has a soul mate, yours is just not him. You need to keep waiting. Because I know you will find the right one.  I am not saying it will be easy. You will miss his voice, his text messages, everything. But you are a strong person, and you will get over it. I am sure you will.

You have what it takes, it is him that does not meet your expectations. Don’t blame yourself, you are just good. And he will regret you. That’s a thing I am sure about. By the time this happens, you will be happy with the one that will show you what love is about. He will hug you, even if you do not need it. He will call you after he drops you home, to reassure himself you are doing well. He will send you the text messages in the morning, and you will have arguments about who will hang up first. You need to live a relationship, not be a prisoner of it.Make sure you improve yourself, be patient, understand people close to you, so you will know how to offer him the understanding he needs.  In the mean time, I will be here, caring for you like I did since your birth.


Your dear sister


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