In your arms…

It just feels like home. The place where I belong, the place I always belonged to. Next to you.Feeling your breath on my neck makes me feel safe. Knowing I am watched over by my marvelous angelic human. It was never this peaceful. Never so calm.

I always needed you. I needed you to make me feel wanted.Loved.Spoiled. Being around you makes me lose my thoughts. You are the oxygen I hope to breath until the end. You are all I always wanted. All I could dream about. You made everything look alive. I never dared to believe in myself. Because of you, I know who I am now.You made me a better person, in all the possible ways. 

The feeling of waking up at 3a.m watching over your flawless eyelashes, those are the moments I want to be infinite. I want you to be infinite. Because my love is.

You changed me. You loved me with your all blood cells. At my better and my worst.And I am forever grateful to…YOU. 



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