Be a gentleman


Be a gentleman. The one that still opens doors, into a society that keeps closing them.  Be a man that buys her flowers, even if it’s not her birthday or your anniversary. Be the guy that makes her smile, even when she finds it difficult to breathe. Be the one you were not, when I loved you.  Although, you are easy to be loved regardless of this. BE the one.  For her.

Because she needs it. Stop stepping on souls, just to find your peace. Stop playing with the hearts of the ones around you. You cannot complete a puzzle that has missing pieces. Start completing this pieces by  understanding your soulmate. You should appreciate when somebody gives  you everything. I gave you all, you just did not know how to keep it.  But be the one for her. Listen to her, when she speaks, not her words, but listen to her soul. If you only knew…how many times my eyes where teared,  how many times I tried to make you listen. Make you be there with your heart. Please, do not make the same mistake. If you feel she is the one, be the one for her, if not, let her know. Why keep on something that will not last anyway? Why keep on something just for fun? This is my 3 a.m message for you, and I hope  you will understand it, at least until it’s not too late.

She will not be there forever,even if that’s what you both think now. Eventually, she will leave, just like I did. Because women are used to be cared for, we expect protection from our partners. If you are not around, how does that makes you a man? Your manhood is not counted on how many beers you can handle when you go out with your friends. Your manhood is not counted based on the highest speed you can drive with. Your manhood is counted based on the woman you choose to have around you. Please be wise. Show her that is is worth it. Try to prove that you constantly deserve her. And she will be yours. Forever. But, please, Be a gentleman.

3 thoughts on “Be a gentleman

    • Thank you very much! Yes, we need gentlemen! You know what they are saying? ” Distance means so little when someone means so much” I wish you to be happy together! I am following your blog and cannot wait to read your future stories!


      • That is very true. Thank you! So glad to have an interested reader! This is why we blog! We can’t share our stories unless we have readers. Looking forward to continuing reading yours as well 🙂

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