I lost a man, you lost a woman that truly loved you…

Remember the old days? Yeah those days when the world was at our feet. We thought that we could do so much…together. Life did not believed the same,so here we are.

Two strangers, sharing memories over the past years. Two strangers that know each other so well, we could guess each other’s next move. But this was not how it was supposed to be. Not now. Not us.  The innocence of two children, hoping two achieve so much together. Hoping to grow old, together. 

I used to look into your eyes, and see the universe. Used to. Because now it’s all empty. Nothing.Blank.  All gone within seconds, without any warning. You crushed all the love under your foot. And left. You left me alone in a world I cannot live without you. In a world where I needed you the most, with your good and bad moments, with your strengths and weaknesses, with your wispers and screams. 

Even if, your love killed me, I would have wished to die, rather than being punished to live in a world where breathing does not make sense. The world does not make  sense, not without you.  Why telling you this? Why complaining about a love that has already became ashes? It keeps me going on. It makes me believe, that at least, you will figure out, the truth. Yes, you destroyed me, yes I lost you, but you lost a woman that truly loved you.

Faded memories

To my ethernal love,

Few years ago, I would have never imagined that life will start playing with me so much. All I knew was that I needed to achieve my dreams and goals, that the love of my life will propose and we will live happily ever after. All I neeeded was him and oxygen. Although, I think I would have given up on oxygen for him. 

Now, couple of years later, I have nothing but empty ash trays and faded memories. It’s not us anymore, it’s me  and you, just like in business; two separate entities.  If you ask me, I would have given you everything. Unlike you, the one that decided to give up on me.  Why should I hold on when all it does is hurting?  All I needed was us and nothing more. Suddenly you decided it was not enough.  Or maybe I was not enough for you. It is hard when you live within an illusion and you are stupid enough to believe lies and promises  . The one that made me climb to heaven, but dropped  me straight to hell,  with the first occassion.

The choice has been made, and it ended all here. Dreams.Hopes.Plans. All gone. Within seconds. I gues this is the end of us. Two foolish children dreaming about how they could have conquer the world together.  We don’t have time for any regrets, or for any throwbacks. But there’s always time for moving on. 

So, my dear love all I wish you is the very best. I wish you to be patient and kind.  I wish you loads of love and passion.  I wish you find someone that will give you all I couldn’t give to you.  And if  you will ever miss me, all you have to do is look up in the sky. And I will always pray for your peace and happiness. You were my happiness, and I was your joke.

Your lost memory,