Let’s talk.


Let’s talk. Put your stuff aside. Listen to me. Your phone calls can wait, for an hour or two. Your Facebook notifications, will still be there at the end of the day.Make time for me and for my needs. In case you know what my needs are. Yes, I can remind you few of them. I am used with you forgetting the important bits…like our anniversary.  Well, I need you. The man that I fell in love with. The one that promised that I will always be his top priority. I need you to listen.  I want you to be there, when I am talking, not physical but with  your heart. I want to be able to feel your soul when I am talking to you. I need you to understand me, even if I don’t say too many words.

Your presence means nothing if your heart is not here. Make time for my childish moments. When I am an innocent kid seeking your attention. If you can’t give me those essential moments, leave. Why hold on to me, if you are not here? Sometimes I wonder where is your mind. What do you think about when you are standing next to me? Am I that easy to give up on? I wonder that, as it seems everyone knows how to give up on me. And from my experience, this is the start to an ending.

It should not be so long until you find some excuses. Maybe you are already considering some of them. Or maybe I am not the right one for you. If you cannot find solutions for our time together. If you are not fighting to keep me by your side. Why hold on? I know it has been a long journey. And it was not easy. To be honest, I did not want it to be easy. Otherwise, there would be no  us. It is supposed to be hard, so we are building on us, on our relationship. We should work towards the same goal, working on the best versions of ourselves. So we can overcome the obstacles that lay in front of us. Personally, I am ready to fight. Are you?

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