10 Reasons why I would have loved you better.


It all started as a love story between two innocent children.  We didn’t even know what love was about; or how a relationship is built. We started with baby steps, that kind of innocent love from your teen period. A relationship from which you don’t have too many expectations,however, you hope it never ends. That was all about our love; we wanted it forever.

As we grew up, our visions stared to be different; too different I guess. Our life goals were changed, dreams were bigger and they were not achievable in the position we were. So, life separated us, after a blissful period. We improved each other’s views and I will always be thankful because I had you by my side, no matter what.  The question I keep asking myself lately, is what would I do in order to love you better than all the lovers you had after me?

  1. I would have supported your dreams no-matter what; You know I believe in you, I believe in your passions and I always admired your dedication and love towards what you are doing.
  2. I would have been the lover that waits for you to comeback in the middle of night, after you have failed at something; being there would have been a shot I would have taken, if I only knew that my presence will make you feel better; If I knew that you can be motivated to keep your head up after every failure you have ever faced.
  3. I would have been the shoulder you could always cry on; the one that can help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  4. I would have been the one that shows her love unconditionally; the one by your side whenever you needed it; whether if it was when you did not had a penny in your pockets, whether if it was after you decided to move away from your parent’s house, or whether the one that you needed to hear funny jokes from, in the middle of the nights in which you did not even hoped to smile.
  5. I would have loved you for all the truth you made me see in this world.
  6. I would have loved you  better than the ones that came after me; because I always had a connection with you; which I don’t see to be able to help it…after all this time.
  7. I would have loved you better for the person you became; and I would have appreciated every fall you took,because you always raised and improved on yourself; you never gave up, no matter how hard it was. and I still love this about you; You always fought!
  8. I would have loved you at 3 a.m in the morning, when you are lost in your thoughts and feel like nothing makes sense.
  9. I would have loved  you for the effort you put to build me a stronger woman.
  10.  I would have loved you better for the way you are passionate about God and His ways. And because of the way you turned myself into trusting Him again.

I know it’s late, but this is why I would have loved you better. You are perfect to me. Although time changed us, I am happy that I lost a lover, but I gained a best friend for life. Someone I could always count on. I may not have been able to love you stronger as a lover; but as a best friend, I love you the most!



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