Tonight it’s about you.




We began as two youngsters that needed their own particular tall tale. I should admit, it was supernatural. Each look, each touch, each inclination. Whatever we had, I am sure I will never have it with any other person. We grew up, and time is the just a single to fault. Possibly we met at the wrong time of our lives. Gracious, however I’m appreciative we had it. You showed me what butterflies felt like, you showed me how a kiss, can raise me to paradise. Regardless I miss that. You showed me not to offer up, to battle for my fantasies, regardless of how hard it gets. What’s more, I know whatever will happen, I will dependably have your source of genuine sympathy.

Do you recollect how we envisioned it all? Our little house, confronting the coastline. Two children, and an existence in front of us. Just us, together. For eternity. A long time later, we are adults, wrinkled by the day by day issues we needed to confront separated from each other. Tired of lying that we are content with what we have, glad separated. An investigate your eyes, and I could see my reality there. It’s all of a sudden about you, over and over..

A glass of red wine, from the year we dated touches my lips, and I’m helped to remember you, once more. The essence of it, helps me to remember your spirit, and I am not prepared to take the principal taste. You were constantly prepared to brighten me up, constantly strong, constantly careful with what I have been through. Also, reveal to me now, why did we surrendered?

They say the spirit is cheerful, when there is love. At that point I figure, my spirit felt joy when I had you.A tear drops on my cheek and I begin to shudder. Each memory of you, is vitally held, and prized.

I envision you here, by me, and I know you won’t have any desire to see my crying. In this way, I choose to wipe my tears and proceed onward. I need my cover up all over by the morning, prepared to experience one more day without you. Yet, tonight it was about you.




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