Is she the one?

I fought for what I thought its called ” love”. And I know how wrong I was, knowing you are just an illusion that keeps coming back, hunting our memories. There is nothing I could do in regards of what we shared, and no matter how hard it is, the love I feel for you, was and will always be unconditional. Faith? No. I call it a child’s dream to happiness. Just because I always wanted you, does not mean I will ever stay in a relationship that keeps hurting me. 

Remember the old good days, when we used to share our dreams? Hoping that one day, they will become reality? Remember how you used to kiss me for hours, saying that nobody will take my place? That I am the only one that can rest her head on your shoulder, knowing you could always act as my ” guardian angel”? Well, I remember, and I could not imagine sharing my deepest nightmares with anyone else, but you. 

Is not as I never tried to stay away. Is like something keeps pulling me towards you. I feel reckless coming back to the same human being that hurt me on a regular basis, everytime I tried to get close. I feel like a child that is being told something is wrong, but keeps doing it because it feels good. I am aware I have no right to get involved in your present life. I know. You moved on, you are probably happy, more than I have ever been able to make you. Is she better? Is she the one? Is she the person that dries out the sweat of your nightmares on the middle of the night? Can she fulfill your needs as I used to? If the answer to all this is positive, I truly hope you will be happy. I hope you will remember our good moments, and cherish what you have with her. I hope you prove your love to her, unconditionally, repetitively. Maybe she deserves it, because there is one thing I am sure of; you deserve to be happy, even if not by my side. Be happy.
With simpathy,

Someone that will always love you

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