Why not settle on a choice?

Where do all the memories go when we have forgotten them? Do they just blur away? Do they ever come back? I wouldn’t know the feeling, I remember everything about you,us. Oh, if I  could make them dissapair. I want to recover from the entire heartbreak I have related to you, the fact of the matter is I am not by any means beyond any doubt I can. 

Your promises are in my mind, like a permanent tattoo, if only I could erase them. Remember when I asked you not to hurt me, as I have been hurt before? Remember how sure you were that it will be impossible for us to be apart? Do our memories hunt you in your darkest nights? Everytime I see you, you look cold. Distant. As you have been able to throw our memories away with a solitary breath. 

Don’t you have regrets, as I do?  You always seem to be consistent. Everytime we get in contact, you give me hope, you play it in front of me for whatever length of time that you need,knowing I might actually fall for it. Because you know me, you know my weaknesses for you. You know how hard is for me to resist to my own heart, my own feelings. Why play it for so long?  Why aren’t you prepared to settle on a choice? To discharge me from the nightmare I am caught on?

Embracing the idea of not having you hurts,  what hurts more, is your incompetency of choosing what you really want to do. I played my cards, told you whatever I felt, every strength, every weakness. You had access to my naked soul, so please,  have the goodness to secure it, as you had everything on your palm, and chosen to discard it.

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