Where does the love go?!

I could see how the night turned into a sunny day, during the hours I spent thinking about you. About us, our memories and promises. Yes you hurt me, and people around me seem to not understand. What I coule hear in the past three days, from you, from them..is just ” it will pass, calm down”. What do you all expect to pass? Time, love, you? Yes, time passes, and with every second I feel worse, worthless and weak. My powers have gone the second you managed to get over me without a clear explanation. I look at our photos and all I could see is love. Two young adults that loved each other unconditionally. Where did the love go? Where does the love go when nothing is left? Could you explain? You seem to be fine; while my stomach rejects the food I try to eat, just to be alive. Nothing matters for me right now, except you. My eyes cried for the past three days no sleep, no power,no you. And I know how much you used to say that I am a good writer, but this is not about writing, this is about laying my heart in words, for you. 

Maybe I was wrong, as I know I made mistakes, but you always promised to stay. Is this the end of our relationship? Or the end of me? I just cannot understand your decision. And every second, every heart beat is passing stronger. I just want you. Your ego, lips, love, anything. But I want you…because time does not heal, is making it worse. And I simply cannot deal with it..

4 thoughts on “Where does the love go?!

  1. Sorry for the advice which you didn’t ask, still here it goes!
    my girlfriend was heartbroken when she broke up with her ex and thought like she will be sad for the rest of her life and she could never find happiness and thought she lost her true love, she was sad for months but after that it went away because she knew that it doesnt worth to get sad about a person who left her, and it went completely away when she found the real one who will die before leaving. You don’t have find your next love now. Express yourself, worship him, miss him, curse him, get it all out, but remember it’s never the end. If he was your true love, he will die before leaving your or come back.


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