It hurts like nothing before

When you left, my seneses were gone as well. No reaction. For three hours I just stared at the wall next to me. How was that possible? Me without you? How should I start a new life so sudden? Your ignorance hurts more than I could have imagined. We went from sleeping in the same bed to complete strangers the next day. Why? Why punishing me for something you don’t explain? 

Remember our plans? How stubborn we were used to be? Well, I changed my mind. I would do anything you want to do. No matter what, but stay. Just stay. Without you my heart cries everytime. Eight days later and I am still a shadow of myself. Unrecognizible.  My powers are long gone. My sense for living this lonely life doesn’t exist anymore. As I’m empty. Lonely. Weak. Hurt. Doesn’t that bother you? How could you accept this in regards of a person you once loved? 

Past tense, yes. And I still struggle to understand how love can go away within 24 hours. I still struggle to understand what happened, and how it could have been avoided.  A week later, I can say that I know my lesson. I know where I exaggerated and I am ready to take it back. I’m willing to do anything for your love.  As this is what keeps me alive. 

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