Chapter 4 : Emptiness.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 01.37.45

As days passed by, I started to pack my belongings as I had to obey to the given notice, by you. Ironically.  As packing everything, I found our first picture together, and I felt the urge to rip it off. I knew I needed a new beginning, and I know that’s what you’ve done with our pictures, so why shouldn’t I? But tears bursted out and I just could not give up on another part of me, at least the memories will be there over the years.

As I finished packing, I noticed the way the flat looks. Empty, but full of memories. Remember how we  argued on how to set the living room?  Or about the way I am a little messy and you have to clean out behind me? Well, for a second I smiled, because our little fights were actually sweet. Two youths trying to live their crazy dream. HAHA sweet memories. The hired van is already waiting for me to transport my belongings, and all I have left is your watch and necklace, which you told me to leave on the kitchen counter.  At least I’m glad you wanted them,  they are the closest things from me, that you will have handy…

 I left. Empty. The dream was gone, but I guess life goes on. As I moved back to London, everything seemed to be back to normal. I started to eat and exactly when I started to think everything will be fine, my family faces another problem, and my mother is getting into a coma. What have I done? All the stress she has gone through, seeing be a disgrace of a person, a ghost of myself, someone that couldn’t see life like anything before.

For the first time in the past years, I felt alone. Had nobody beside me, not a shoulder to cry on. My friends started to notice, so they booked a holiday. At least they wanted me to be out of the town for a while. With my mother getting better, from the worst nightmare we could have lived, I decided that it was time for me to have some time for myself.

So in a second, I packed my staff and decided to leave for the adventure of my life. A holiday, abroad, by myself, as I met my friends in Spain. As I arrive at the airport, I check my Facebook memories, and guess what, three years ago, I was travelling from the same airport with you. Times flies doesn’t it? A lot can change in a blink of an eye I guess. But this time, the change was happening to me.

To be continued.


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